Born in 1973, Montreal (CA). Lives & works in Brussels (BE).
Since 1993: Electronic music composer and producer.
Since 1998: Audio mastering engineer.
Since 2006: Photographer, Graphic designer.
Recordings as: John Sellekaers, Xingu Hill, Night Sky Pulse, Meeple, Feral Cities, Tuttle & Buttle, Nicolas Hall, Concrete Garden, and as a member of several groups (such as Dead Hollywood Stars and A Million Burning Suns).
Year   Artist: Album
2024 Meeple: Across the Continent
2024 Meeple: In Unfamiliar Ways
2024 Meeple: Polychromatic
2024 John Sellekaers: Phaenomena
2023 Xingu Hill: Grigri Pavilion
2023 Xingu Hill: 16-Bit Golem (reissue)
2023 Xingu Hill: Alterity (reissue)
2023 Xingu Hill: Relay (reissue)
2023 Xingu Hill: Fiction (reissue)
2023 Xingu Hill: Maps of the Impossible (reissue)
2023 Nicolas Hall: Equator Station
2023 Nicolas Hall: Instant Future, Pt. 2 (single)
2023 Nicolas Hall: Instant Future, Pt. 1 (single)
2023 Nicolas Hall: Magnetic Midnight (single)
2022 John Sellekaers: What Happens at Night
2022 Meeple: Citadel (single)
2022 Meeple: Diagrams
2022 Feral Cities: Double Shadow
2022 Nicolas Hall: At Nightfall (single)
2022 Nicolas Hall: Ebb (single)
2022 Nicolas Hall: Sea Cave (single)
2022 Tuttle & Buttle: Airglow (single)
2022 Tuttle & Buttle: Fourth Wall (single)
2022 Tuttle & Buttle: Sun Echoes (single)
2022 Tuttle & Buttle: Telltale (single)
2022 Tuttle & Buttle: Velvet Night Valley
2022 Tuttle & Buttle: Offworld (single)
2022 Concrete Garden: On Vanishing
2022 Night Sky Pulse: Superlunar Lounge
2021 John Sellekaers: Folium
2021 John Sellekaers: Approches
2021 John Sellekaers: Observer Effect
2021 Feral Cities: Arcs & Layers
2021 Xingu Hill: Strange Echoes 95 – 99
2021 Night Sky Pulse: These Possible Lives
2021 Meeple: Micronations
2020 Concrete Garden: 02:55 AM
2020 Night Sky Pulse: Metamorphic (single)
2020 Night Sky Pulse: Sole Witness (single)
2020 Feral Cities: Unconscious Places
2020 Feral Cities: Slow Light
2020 Meeple: Modern Cosmonautics (single)
2020 Patrick Graham & John Sellekaers: Unnatural
2020 Patrick Graham & John Sellekaers: Next of Kin (single)
2019 Patrick Graham & John Sellekaers: Innerland (single)
2019 Patrick Graham & John Sellekaers: Lacuna (single)
2019 Night Sky Pulse: No One We Know
2019 Night Sky Pulse: Habitat
2019 Night Sky Pulse: The Hive
2019 Night Sky Pulse: Arcana
2019 Meeple: Temporary Fantasy, Pt. 2
2019 Meeple: Temporary Fantasy, Pt. 1
2019 Feral Cities: Near Strangers
2019 Feral Cities: Remote (single)
2019 John Sellekaers: Machines Inutiles
2019 John Sellekaers: Residual Broadcast
2007 The Missing Ensemble: Zeropolis
2007 John Sellekaers: Le Seigneur du Château (documentary soundtrack)
2006 Urawa: Parable of the Driver
2006 Uncotones: I'm a Rock'n'Roller
2006 The Missing Ensemble: Hidden Doors
2005 Dead Hollywood Stars: Smoke and Mirrors
2005 Brian Evenson with Xingu Hill & Tamarin: Altmann's Tongue
2004 Xingu Hill: Archives (1995-1997)
2003 Xingu Hill: 16-bit Golem
2003 Ambre: Le Mensonge
2003 Myrza: All You Can Eat
2003 Uncotones: Electropianotages
2002 Ambre: Nebka / Térébrant (single)
2002 Dead Hollywood Stars: Junctions
2002 Dead Hollywood Stars: Gone West (reissue)
2002 Black Lung & Xingu Hill: The Andronechron Incident
2002 Szkieve / Ammo: Perturbacée / Terra Amata
2002 Logatomistes: Ke-re-kö-kö-kokex
2002 Urawa: The Most Boring Thousand Years of my Life
2001 Moonsanto: Fraud - Hell - Dope (2 editions)
2001 XHM2: This Anxious Space
2001 Ammo: Beautiful People
2001 Ammo: Kaleinoiscope
2001 Mick Harris & Ambre: Dys
2001 John N. Sellekaers: Black Baccara
2000 Dead Hollywood Stars: Gone West
2000 Dead Hollywood Stars: Wagon of Miracles
2000 Ammo: The Age of Terminal Irony (3 editions)
2000 Moonsanto: Dogme
2000 Ambre & Mark Spybey: Sfumato
1999 Snog: Third Mall from the Sun
1999 Torsion: Jackson's Private Zoo
1999 Xingu Hill: Alterity
1999 Black Lung & Xingu Hill: The Andronechron Incident (single)
1999 Urawa: Villa Vertigo
1998 Ambre: Enclave
1998 Internal: Dysfunctional Subconscious
1997 Xingu Hill: Relay
1997 Torsion: Dark Tattoo Satellite
1996 Xingu Hill: Fiction
1995 Urawa: A Dog Called Demolition
1995 Xingu Hill: Maps of the Impossible
And various compilations and remixes.
All albums, EPs and singles are available digitally, some also in CD, vinyl or cassette format.
Since 1995: About 120 concerts and installations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungaria, Italy, France, UK, Germany, Australia, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Latvia.
Since 1998: About 450 records mastered (as John Sellekaers or Metarc).
Social media: @johnsellekaers
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